Nuclear Photonics 2018

June 24-29, 2018
Brasov, Romania

The next Nuclear Photonics Conference will be held in Japan in 2020

Meeting Purpose

The field of photon–based nuclear science and applications is rapidly evolving being driven by the worldwide development of ultrahigh intensity lasers and quasi-monochromatic gamma beam systems based on laser Compton scattering. Nuclear Photonics 2018 aims at bring together leading scientists, researchers and research scholars from around the world involved in the development of ultrahigh intensity lasers and gamma beam systems, nuclear physics and applications to exchange and share their experience and most recent results in the field.

The Conference is the second edition of the biennial series devoted to the pursuit of nuclear science and applications with photons.


Fundamental nuclear science and spectroscopy, laser–plasma nuclear physics, high intensity laser–plasma interaction, nuclear medicine including radiography and radiotherapy, industrial non-destructive material imaging and evaluation, isotope-specific, nuclear materials detection and management, photon-based hadron beams and applications, photon-based production of rare isotopes, photon-enabled pulsed neutron generation and science, photon-enabled pulsed positron generation and science, nuclear astrophysics and cosmology, gamma-ray science above the giant dipole resonance, strong field QED.

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Gerard Mourou (Ecole Polytechnique Paris, France)
Getting beyond the Laser Field Horizon: The Single Cycle High Energy Pulse Short Cut

Conference Chairs

Acad. Nicolae-Victor Zamfir, IFIN-HH/ELI-NP, Romania
Prof. Chang Hee Nam, CoReLS, Korea
Prof. Karl Krushelnick, University of Michigan, USA

Key Dates

Abstract submission opened: 15.11.2017
Abstract submission closed: 28.02.2018
Notification of authors: 31.03.2018
Early registration deadline: 15.04.2018
Registration closed: 15.05.2018

After the Nuclear Photonics Conference selected abstracts will be available, as open access, on SPIE's Digital Library.

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